Mother’s Day gift ideas

mothers_day_000015874154_480x360Celebrated on the second Sunday of May, this year’s Mother’s Day falls on May 12, 2013. This holiday tradition of paying tribute to mothers goes far back in the early 1900s. According to, the U.S. Congress designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day in 1914. Since then, families have been celebrating the women in their lives that made it all possible.

So how do you express gratitude to the women who take on the role of motherhood in your life? This includes not only your own mother and wife but grandmothers, aunties, sisters, etc. The most important one is your own mother of course, but the other moms should get a small token of appreciation or at least a sweet and sincere greeting.

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? You can never go wrong by pampering her! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Why not pamper her with beauty products? Deity offers a myriad of amazing products for improving skin, hair, eye and health. Best of all Deity’s products are natural and does not come with a hefty price tag. Deity also has a Mother’s Day special promotion. Click here to view deals.
  • How about a trip to the spa? Nothing spells pamper more than a relaxing spa visit. Your mom will surely feel rejuvenated and special. Contact her favorite spa for a package or surprise her with a new one that she might like. Too expensive? Manicure and pedicure gift cards are cost-effective alternatives to the pricier spa packages.
  • Be her very own attentive chef. Spoil your mom with her favorite dishes while showing off your kitchen skills. Whip up a surprise breakfast for her or invite her to a special dinner that’s served and cooked by you! Don’t forget the flowers and the candles. She will appreciate the effort you put into cooking and serving compared to simply picking up the tab at a restaurant.

Remember, it’s not the price but the effort and thought that count. Do you have other bright ideas for spoiling your mom? Share it with us!

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