Happy Father’s Day!

This Sunday, June 16, marks a very special occasion–Father’s Day! As a thank you and appreciation for all our dads, we’d like to offer you a special promotion. Take advantage of our 25% off Father’s Day Bundle! The bundle includes a 28 oz Plant Shampoo for Hair loss AND a 28 oz Deity of Hair Plant Conditioner for Hair Loss Professional Size 33% Bonus for just $39! That’s 25% off the original price!

Also, when you purchase our Father’s Day Bundle, you will automatically receive 5 FREE Loyalty Points for our Rewards Program. These points can be redeemed instantly with the Father’s Day promotion. We appreciate your loyalty and hope you’re enjoying our products! Click here to view this deal.

Here’s what’s included in our special Father’s Day Bundle:


Deity Plant Shampoo for Hair Loss is one of our latest products. This natural shampoo has been formulated using East Asia and Tibetan herbs and medicinal technology to prevent the loss of hair. It promotes scalp blood circulation and strengthens the firmness of hair follicle and hair root. It also effectively prevent Alopecia- a condition that causes round patches of hair loss which can lead to total hair loss.

Deity of Hair Plant Conditioner for Hair Loss
is synthesized through high emulsification using active essential ingredients refined from various rare Tibetan medicated herbs. Because of various botanical ingredients contained in the product, this conditioner has a mild quality and can effectively remove all kinds of secretions and dirt on scalp. The conditioner thoroughly purifies the outside environment for hair growth, and can rapidly penetrate into the inner layer of scalp and provide multiple nutrients and trace elements for hair growth. This product is especially suitable for withered, dry and tangled hair as well as hair damaged by bleaching, coloring, perming and straightening. It can make your hair healthy, jet-black, lustrous and full of more elasticity.

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