Ways to remedy sun damaged hair

Damaged hair

Tired of dry, frizzy hair? If you’ve been having too much fun in the sun this summer, you may very well know the culprit of your hair problems. The sun’s UV rays and humidity can cause strains on your tresses. Add the chlorine from pool water plus beach salt water and you really have a mess on your head! If your hair feels like a pile of dry hay and just simply unmanageable, you are not alone. Most women experience sun damage hair post-summer.

Here’s a few tips on how you can undo the damage according to Colette Bouchez, Medical Journalist, WebMD.

  • Replenish your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and rinse-out conditioner. Adding a leave-in conditioner also helps. Coating hair with a leave-in conditioner helps seal in the moisture as well as sealing out further effects of damaging elements, such as the sun or even air pollution.
  • Incorporate a hair mask into your regimen. Masks revitalizes and replenishes deep within the hair shaft.
  • Choose natural hair products, such as Deity natural hair care products, to avoid chemical damage.
  • Use less heat when styling your hair. The more heat you apply to your hair, the more damage you will cause since heat forces the cuticle to split open.
  • Always brush your hair and try using a  natural bristle brush. Brushing helps distribute oils from the scalp to the ends where it’s most needed, those with natural bristles can grab the oils more effectively and distribute them faster and easier. Brushing also stimulates your scalp.
  • Try a great haircut — particularly if your hair has suffered heavy summer wear and tear.

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