Is your hair drying up? Read up on the best summer haircare tips.

woman on the beach

Nothing is more picturesque than frolicking in the beach with perfect hair flowing behind you. But perfect hair takes time and effort, it doesn’t just happen! Keep your mane lovely, shiny and healthy by following the best summer haircare tips below.

Protect your hair from harmful UV rays. Make it a part of your daily routine to apply a hair care product that contains UV filters. These products shield hair from sun damage and help keep colored hair from fading. Wear a hat for extra protection to keep strands from getting fried.

CONDITIONER-EXTRA-STRENGTH-2Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You will need to wash more to prevent grime and oil build up during the hot summer months. Deity Deep Penetrating Conditioner is excellent in restoring healthy hair. Also, it is important to follow-up with a deep-conditioning treatment like Deity Deep Penetrating Conditioner to combat hair damage.

Take it easy on the hot tools. Give your hair a break from flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. The extra heat will only cause more damage to your hair. Instead, let your hair dry naturally several times a week. For natural looking waves, wash hair at night and pile up in a bun. Let loose and fix it up in the morning with a simple hair accessory.

Eat Right. Eating a healthy diet rich in omega-3 fatty acid such as salmon, spinach, and omega-3-rich eggs can keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny.


Sources: WebMD and Women’s Health

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