Deity of Hair and Deity America Hair Care Products are made with natural plant extracts from East Asia. These natural plant extracts have been used in East Asia for hundreds of years with results. All of these natural plant extracts, botanicals, herbs and oils have been blended for problematic hair and scalp conditions. These natural ingredients have been researched and developed to cleanse your scalp naturally, promote healthy hair growth, eliminate inflammation which results in itchy scalp and dandruff and stimulates capillary vessels, which stimulates the hair bulb, which stimulates the follicles. It also moisturizes your hair for healthy, shiny, soft and manageable healthy hair.
If you have any problems with hair loss, thinning, Alopecia, itchy scalp, or receding hair line then use these natural products consistently for great results.
SilverMark International is dedicated to bringing you the best natural products from around the world to help your hair and scalp, weight and health problems naturally. These products are used by men and women of all races and all hair types and textures with fabulous results. Guaranteed. Results do vary by individuals.

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  1. I am 65 years old and noticed that I was losing hair since August, 2013. have been using Plant Shampoo For Hair Loss, Plant Conditioner For Hair Loss and Serum Gro Scalp Treatment For Hair Loss for just over 35 days. I used the serum Gro Scalp Treatment every night and the shampoo and conditioner once a week. I am continuing to lose my hair. I have read the testimonials of some of the users of the same products and I would like to write similar things in agreement with those testimonials. Please help me.

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